2 Replies to “MoshiMonsters – new parental controls, consent “assumed””

  1. Oh, and if that “implied consent” paragraph ISN’T a mistake, it spells an interesting combination with the footer from the same email:

    “OPT-out procedure – How to unsubscribe to marketing emails:
    This message was sent to you on at your request as a registered user of Moshimonsters.com. If you do not wish to receive Moshi Monster marketing and promotional email from Moshi Monsters, please email us at helpme@moshimonsters.com and type UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject header of the email. We’re sad to see you go. We’ll keep the furry light on for you!”

    So, what’s the legal status of people who’ve previously opted-out of “marketing and promotional email from Moshi Monsters”, and so never receive OR read this email – is the company exposed to some form of liability for the fact they never had a chance to express consent one way or the other?

    Nah – I’m sure the assumed consent is just a mistake.

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