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Everything you need to know about being an awesome MMO Tech Director

Really? O, RLY?

Well, no, probably not – but this is the kind of opening statement I often make at industry-conference parties. In this rare case, at LOGIN this year, I was showing something on my laptop at the time and happened to *type* my opening salvo, rather than just say it.

(partly because I was so drunk I wasn’t confident I could form the words correctly; not *that* much alcohol, but I was mid-jetlag and I’d naively skipped dinner to go to meetings)

For those of you in the industry that I run into at conferences, you know this is standard fare past a certain point in the evening (when I get bored of beating around the bush). This could also be a taster for the TRULY AWESOME conference talk I’ll be giving at AGDC this year, along with Marty Poulin, Rick Lambright, and Joe Ludwig … more on that later (once it’s been accepted), but briefly: we’re constructing a head-to-head session where we all argue the most extreme MMO tech viewpoints possible. I’m particularly looking forward to the “UDP vs TCP” Deathmatch…

The original 4

Anyway…unchanged except for the brackets added for clarity:

  1. XSLT is your data(-handling) language
  2. Almost everything (serverside) is written in fn programming
  3. When you write your client, interface to the (functional) server cluster via Entity System
  4. …and a corollary…
  5. ANT is a sin against mankind if you think about the above 3 statements

Which is great, except … it misses out whole swathes of things, because of the context at the time: I was in a conversation with a bunch of other lead programmers / CTO’s / tech directors / etc, and the *obvious* stuff wasn’t even worth mentioning. And our conversation was at the time about the “technical expert” facets of MMO development. I think.

A few more

For completeness, there’s a few more I would add now:

  1. 2,000 players-per-server
  2. SQL
  3. DTP
  4. Your build system must be Perfect (mathematically)
  5. Your tests are AT, running as CI and CPT (performance testing)

Oh, and of course – YOU HAVE TO COME TO OUR AGDC SESSION! ;)

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