GDC 2010 about to start…I’m there for 3 days

I’ll be in SF from Monday afternoon to Thursday evening (leaving SFO at midnight on thursday night).

My iPhone is unlocked, so I’m hoping to find a cheap SIM to shove in, but otherwise it’ll be email-only.

The 2010 list of GDC parties is looking pretty full (and there’s a bunch after I leave) – if you should be on the calendar, email me ASAP.

ALSO … Sulka and I made a neat little iPhone app that tracks all the parties for you, and tells you where/when they are. We’re just waiting for Apple to approve it, hopefully it’ll be live on Monday. It’s San-Francisco specific right now, but if it works, we’ll expand it to other cities in future.

3 thoughts on “GDC 2010 about to start…I’m there for 3 days

  1. Kelsey

    Hey! Do you have a list of all those parties you mentioned? I’d love to know what’s going on… It’s my first year!

  2. adam Post author


    If Apple approves the iPhone app, they’ll be there.

    There’s also a private calendar for my friends and colleagues – if you can find me (or one of them) and be nice to them, you can get on that too / instead. Slightly different information.

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