UK games companies are hiring (2010)…

UPDATE: I’ll add other roles in as/when I get the OK from the relevant people; not all of these are public yet.

Despite the heavy rash of studio closures (well documented by Nicholas Lovell), it seems there’s a lot of exciting online/social games hiring going on right now – I’m getting lots of requests from friends, ex-colleagues etc.

  • Head of Mini Games at Mind Candy (London-based social games startup; runs a successful kids MMO – Moshi Monsters)
  • Financial Manager / Social Gaming Economy Modeller and Virtual Goods Data Analysis at Lockwood (Nottingham-based online / virtual world startup; built most of the cool stuff in PlayStation Home, now building their own MMOs) – *entry level

There’s also some interesting roles in publishing, and some in startup online games companies.

If you’re UK-based, you’ve worked in MMO / social games / etc, and you’re looking for a job, feel free to email me. No CV’s, just tell me who you are and what you’re looking for in 4 sentences or less.

Or, if you see an entry-level job here you want to apply for, ditto and I’ll put you in touch (or just follow the links to the company directly).

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