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LinkedIn doesn’t like money?

LinkedIn is running a promotion right now to get more people using their advertising platform.

It’s nicely conceived – two clicks (the first to login), and I was straight into writing an advert. Brilliant!

The advert-writing was simple, easy to understand, and fit within the top 500 pixels of the screen – really welcoming. Not at all complicated.

“And then you go and spoil it all / By saying something stupid…”

…like “your email address is dis-allowed”.

My startup doesn’t have a profile page on LinkedIn, so I can’t direct people to it. This hugely undermines the value of running and advert.

I try to create a profile. Takes a few false starts, and then:

“You cannot create a profile for a company unless you can receive an email at the same domain address as the company website”


(this is, apparently, non-negotiable)

We don’t even run a mailserver, let alone have an MX record for our domain.

SO … after lots of effort trying to convert me into a paying advertiser, LinkedIn once again shoots itself in the foot. There isn’t even an OPTION for me to sort this out – it’s just a big “fuck off!”.


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