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Have you made a Data/Entity System? Will you share source?

Making a trivial ES … is almost trivially easy, once you know how. But usually it’s too trivial to be used in anything except small indie projects, and nothing too real-time.

Making a production-quality one, including all the associated tools, suitable for a AAA game project … is a massive undertaking.

Somewhere in-between, I hope there’s a low-cost middle ground where some of you reading this blog would like to collaborate to make + publish complete, working, documented, OPEN SOURCE, Entity Systems.


First questions (there will be more blog posts later):

  1. Do you have a fully working ES?
  2. Is it live in a game or app? (i.e. launched)
  3. Can you / will you / have you open-sourced it?

EDIT: there’s now a bunch of source examples here: http://entity-systems.wikidot.com/es-approaches

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