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Sony love…

Despite this week’s PR disaster for Sony Ericsson, their new Android phone (due out soon) looks fantastic:


Personally, I am convinced that Sony Ericsson makes the best Android phones available, bar none. e.g. although many people prefer the X10 full size, I still think the Xperia X10 Mini is one of the best phones I’ve ever used (modulo some terrible software, because Sony can *never* seem to get software right).

As a consumer, I love it – it’s almost perfect (I just wish it had a high-quality camera, instead of a pre-iPhone quality camera).

As a developer, I’m frequently impressed by just how much it packs into a tiny form-factor. Every time I think “ah, crap – this isn’t going to work on the Mini”, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Apart from one thing, of course … Sony’s refusal to ever support current versions of Android OS.

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