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Looking for a games industry job in UK, with enthusiasm but little experience?

How about this one:


A “buyer” for Sainsburys: you get to influence the titles stocked by one of the UK’s biggest retailers. I’ve never – ever! – met a games-buyer before, but I know quite a few buyers for more mainstream areas (clothing, fashion, etc), and so long as you’re organized and diligent, it sounds like a good job. You spend a lot of time dealing with the ebb and flow of what the public are actually buying – surely, very good practice for a career in design or publishing.

And yet, as I said … I’ve never met one before. Strange, that.

EDIT: and here’s another one, for Argos: https://www.apointplus.com/homeretailgroup/applicant/apps1.aspx?id=4129&rm=184