AAA Rivers for Unity: making the shader-settings easy to edit

Here’s the original, showing my careful packing of 4 waves into a small number of variables:

…and here’s the more user-friendly version after hours of customising the ShaderInspector:

Note how:

  • It takes up loads more space
  • …but now it’s much easier to spot which fields are Direction and which are a specific wave
  • The simple Booleans are now rendered as Booleans (Unity doesn’t yet support Boolean in a Shader. Give them another 20 years and maybe they’ll add this)
  • The complex Bitmasks are now rendered as though they’re booleans (but, for efficiency, they’re now packed into a single Float)
  • The “Circular?” checkbox converts the Direction vector2-field between Direction and Center
  • Foldouts so you can hide waves you don’t care about

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