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Leaving myGDC

To: every “friend” on the GDC08 myGDC system
Subject: Quitting this

myGDC sucks donkey. It keeps deleting my pasword, the system seems to be a hand-crafted proprietary nightmare, the usability is awful, many of the links are broken even months after the site went live.

And, of course, this is a CMP system – so you can guarantee they will delete it and start again from scratch next year. Just like they have done every year since I can remember :(.

So, I’m deleting my account on here. Bye-bye!

NB: yet-another-stupid-bug from the myGDC system: it is impossible to mail more than one person at once.

Even better, if you click “compose message”, you get taken to a compose screen with an empty to box and *no way* to select target friends.

Hey, CMP! – the 1990’s called; they want their pre-gmail user-interface-designer back.

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