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Writing games in Korean – part 2

Using a custom font renderer that lets me position text exactly where I want it, I put together a simple game that teaches you to count from 1 to 10 in Korean characters.

Screenshot of numbers test

First, you HAVE to manually download the Korean font I’m using (because I don’t think I can legally include it in the executable file :( )

NOTE: you MUST (windows is rubbish) do “Save to” and select C:\Windows\Fonts (this causes windows to automagically “install” the font) – I can’t remember how to install new fonts on Linux or OS-X, but it should work fine with both of those OS’s too.

Then just stick the two attached files in a directory somewhere, and double-click on the one called korean-numbercounter-all.jar

Essential library (download this)
Main file (download this to same directory as the library file, and run this file)

NB: this is mainly just a proof of concept to test my rendering code, I’ve got a couple of other simple “games” like this I’ve knocked up as tests.