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[OT] Places to eat in Brighton

It happens quite often that I get a “surprise” dinner: friends turn up in Brighton and want to try out the great local food I … bore on about too often … or there’s an impromptu work event, or just people visiting the office want to know where’s good to go. At the last minute. When I’m walking out of the office, and I get a mental block and can’t think of anywhere.

So … from now on, I’ll be prepared. I’m writing it down here so I can find it later. By the magic of google, I’m going to explicitly mention “adams places to eat in brighton” (should be able to google that later; sod bookmarks and delicious, I’ve got an indexed blog).

That’s Brighton, England, in case anyone is wondering. This list might even be *useful* for some people come the Develop Conference this summer…

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