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Java Web Start / JNLP maker

A few years ago I wrote a web-service that would automatically create JNLP files, making it much easier to deploy java applications. They’re just XML files, but they have some very odd syntactical quirks and can be a pain in the ass to get working correctly. This post has an early alpha version that works as a downloadable application you can run from your desktop.

I kept hoping someone would get around to making a simple, easy to use, desktop equivalent. But it didn’t seem to happen, so today I was browsing through the code and decided I’d convert it to a desktop version, and give it away. So, here it is: a program that lets you specify all the config for your java web start application and then creates a JNLP for you automatically.

You need ALL the attached jars, download them into the same directory. Then run jnlpcreator-bin.jar

NB: this is a work-in-progress – the Save and Test buttons don’t do anything yet, but you can get a lot of the functionality just by using the Preview button and copy/pasting out of the window that it pops up.

NB2: for some reason, teh popup window doesn’t popup on OS X. I have no idea why.

NB3: there are still some old references to the original hardcoded paths in the codebase and href at top of the JNLP; you’lll need to manually correct those for now, but next version I’ll replace them with some clever uto-generated stuff.

Files to download (you need ALL of them):

  1. jnlpcreator-bin
  2. log4j
  3. tmachine-basics

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