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Web 0.1: The Twiki wiki

Piece of advice for people who don’t understand search engines: if you’re going to make a mass-market product (like a Wiki), then do NOT make the standard setup – for every customer! – automatically include a link on *every page* that goes back to the front page of the installed software, but which has the same link name as the name of your product.

Try it out: search for anything non-trivial about “twiki” on google: unfortunately, most searches fail, because of this shortsighted idea – note how *any twiki anywhere on the internet* appears to search engines to be about Twiki-the-platform, even though most of them are not. Doh.

Sigh. Basic failure to understand how search engines will (have to) view your content? Decision to do something that, really, doesn’t make sense in the first place and is confusing even to humans? It’s a bit touch and go, but I reckon this is another example of Web 0.1.

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