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STFU: I have Skype on my iPhone

I’m interested: do I have this today simply because I happen – for the next few hours – to be physically in the United States of America, and so my IP address passed the iTunes store check and let me have it? I’ve been hearing that back home no-one can get hold of this little beauty. Muahahaha!

Of course, it’s a dirty little secret that Apple refuses to allow developers to see the comments of users for any country except the one the developer is currently standing in – so those hundreds of comments per-app that the developer seems to ignore, in your home country?

Yes, they are ignoring them, because Apple refuses to let the developer read them. Oh, how amusing.

Anyway, I just wanted to gloat over my posession of the free Skype app. I wonder if there’s some way I can start sharing it with people in the UK when I get home, phone-to-phone, without jailbreaking? Assuming, of course, that it really isn’t available in the UK iTunes Store (which I don’t entirely believe – why *not* make it available? After all, Skype is a European company in the first place…)

I can’t test over 3G/EDGE/GPRS because Apple has (I believe illegally) locked my iPhone and I can’t use it in USA for cell phone – but it’s working fine over Wifi. Unfortunately, I’m in San Francisco, one of the world’s worst cities for Wifi coverage (more to come on that later), so reception is painful and patchy – but clearly in any decent 1st world internet-connected city this is an awesome chunk of functionality.

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