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Eclipse v3.5 / OS X: Breaking the fonts is “non optional”

EDIT: the fix that worked for most (not all) people on the internet … doesn’t work for me. Even with reboot. I have no idea how to fix this now :(.

Look what they’ve done to the latest release of Eclipse: (old version at top – rendering CORRECTLY on high-res monitor; new version below – rendering BLURRY on high-res monitor)
Eclipse aliasing 3.5
(note the side-by-side compare with the old version – in the same screenshot – so presumably Eclipse 3.5 is using a different font-rendering call than Eclipse 3.4).

i.e. it’s now unusable on OS X. Unless you enjoy headaches and probable permanent damage to your eyesight (oh, you like that? OK. Good for you. Leave the rest of us – with decent LCD monitors – alone, please).

Is there an option to disable this?


But you can set an OS X *command-line* hack (yes, this is Apple – they don’t trust users to configure their own computers, so no GUI: instead, you have to do it the old-fashioned way).

defaults write org.eclipse.eclipse AppleAntiAliasingThreshold 20

And … breathe! Phew. Although, sadly, it apparently also requires a full reboot. Sigh. Microsoft solved this about 10 years ago. Never again tell me OS X is “vastly superior to Windows”. Anyway, fingers crossed…

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