Generating iPhone App Icons

A couple of years ago, someone setup this neat, handy, site: (DON’T USE THIS)

…but their web skills were poor, and their script kept crashing, and they couldn’t be bothered either to fix it or to document the bugs. Or even to just … you know … release it as open-source and let someone else fix it.

I wouldn’t mind, except I’d contacted the authors multiple times, and simply been ignored.

I run a local non-profit group that hosts monthly iPhone events for designers, programmers, clients, freelancers, etc, and I was stuck with this tool as the only free icon mangler that made decent icons at minimal effort.

Finally, I’ve found an alternative. It’s not quite so quick-and-easy (and it requires flash), but it does the job:

Notes to self:

  1. Set the output size to 64×64 or it will destroy the icon quality
  2. Set the “icon shadow” to “normal” (bizarrely, it always defaults to “not normal”)
  3. Resize to 60×60 afterwards to get an icon that’s ALMOST exactly 57×57 (iPhone size) with applied shadow