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Skype rejects filthy internet users

Do you use Skype?

Are you WEIRD enough to own MORE THAN ONE computer?

(or gullible enough to want to download the LATEST version of Skype?)

Well … f***-off! Skype is desperate to prevent you using their service.

Download … FAIL

Try to download skype today, and you’ll get:

It’s a recent development … I downloaded skype a month ago, and this crap wasn’t there back then. For the last 5 years, if you wanted to download Skype, it was a single-click from the front page. Now it’s not even *on* the front-page, and they’ve added this “don’t download” barrier.

Net effect … I’m not using Skype today. I’ve got better things to do than jump through hoops to login to a website and be spammed with advertising to use a service *I AM ALREADY PAYING FOR*.

Seems to me there’s a wave of clueless marketing people working for internet corporates these days…

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