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“Will you sell advertising space on your blog?”

(since I’m getting more and more requests for this lately, usualy from “regular readers”. Sigh. Do PR drones really believe the rest of the world is so stupid and gullible?)

No. I run Google Ads for research reasons (it’s a live site where I can fiddle with it, try out the new features, etc), but the blog is a net loss, and I’m happy with that.

“We’d like to write a guest-post for your blog, we think your readers will really love it?”


Before you write paragraphs of BS about how you are a “regular reader”, get off your ass and see how many times there’s been a “guest post” on this blog.

It’s *MY* blog. About my professional, technology, business, and career interests. It is not a newspaper or magazine.

But hey – if you want to rent me, the going rate is $2000 a day. So that “guest post” is going to cost you $750,000 a year (approximately).

I’m not unreasonable: I’ll give you a discount after the first year :)

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