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Nokia N8: doesn’t connect to computers

This week, I won a Nokia N8 at a game of pool (She Rides!).

If you plug it in to a Mac, do you get:

  1. Access to your photos? NO! (no support for the USB standard for data-devices)
  2. Access to your calendar? NO! (this is a tough one; sadly, the world today has no standards for calendars :( :( :( … but it ought to do *something*?)
  3. Anything at all? NO!

*IF* you’re technically minded…

Google is your friend. You discover the “iSync” application.

Apple’s App sucks, but even when you download and install the Nokia plugin, it tells you that the Nokia N8 is “unsupported”.

Googling, some people find that it is “supported” the very first time you run the iSync app – and never works afterwards.

I had the opposite experience: it was “not supported” the very first time I ran the iSync app – and seems to work fine on all subsequent runs.

And even after all that…

…it doesn’t allow you to sync photos. Only address book and calendar. The photos you take with the fancy 12 MP camera are doomed to stay inside your phone forever, it seems.

This feels like ten years ago. Some people worship iTunes (hard to believe, given how terrible the user-experience is), but experiences like this remind me why: it’s because the alternatives managed to be even worse :).