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Side effects of treating everyone with suspicion

Today I was forwarded what looked like an interesting little event: “The Gamification of Everything”. I applied. Or … tried to.

The process on all event websites today is:

  1. Type in your name
  2. Type in your email address
  3. Click “attend”

3 steps.

This event has a process with … 15 steps (!).

The website claimed to have registered me for the event.

Your registration is cancelled

And then, after all that, they emailed me to say they weren’t accepting my request to attend, apparently because I didn’t give them an acceptable company name (I put “n/a” in the field, as I was attending as a private individual):

I noticed that you’ve signed onto our website and want to register for the next Convergence Conversation meeting , but you don‘t say which organisation you represent nor where you are based. But you are the ‘founder’ of what?! I would appreciate more information please – if you are self-employed I can use your name as the organisation.

Maybe you were in a hurry – but as I’m sure you will understand. we like to know who the attendees are, the field of work they come from/represent.

The price of suspicion

To be clear: I signed up for their event, and the website accepted it. I put it in my diary. Then they contact me acknowledging that I “wanted to register”.

What? No: I *did* register.

Will I find myself turned away at the door when I turn up on the day? WTF?

Thanks, but no thanks:

“I’m not going to risk turning up to an event and being turned away on
the door. Just the thought of that is unpleasant. Feel free to delete
my application. I’m sorry to say that I won’t be coming ”

It amazes me how many people seem unaware of the effect it has on others when they pre-suppose guilt and nefarious motives. I mean … what on earth did they imagine I was going to do? Burst in and scream:

“Death to the infidel Gamifiers! Gamification is the scourge of mankind!”

…and start knocking over tables?

PS: that 15-step signup in full

The process for this event is:

  1. click signup
  2. type in
    2. email
    3. where you live
    4. the company where you work
    5. the city where your company’s office is situated
    6. the *postcode* of your company
    7. the *country* of your company (yes, really – these are all required fields, form won’t submit without them!)
    8. your job title
    9. …some other bits I’ve already forgotten
  3. wait for a confirmation email
  4. click the confirm email link
  5. wait for a password email
  6. login to the website using the new password (most sites at least auto-login at this point; not this one)
  7. return to the event page
  8. click the “I’m attending” button

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“Death to the infidel Gamifiers! Gamification is the scourge of mankind!”

^^^ Not too far from the truth is it? You didn’t even get a badge for partially signing up! ;P

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