GitHub for Mac: don’t use it :(

It looked so good, finally – a decent Git client for Mac.

But, no. It just – simply – doesn’t work (version 1.2.1). Great for browsing, but sometimes you simply can’t commit changes to a repository! (a few hours earlier, it was committing fine. Nothing had changed in the meantime)

And what do you get as an error, when you try?

“A git error occurred.”

Seems the folks at GitHub know this is unacceptable. Because they also put a message onto the (invisible) system console:

-[GHErrorSheetController presentWithError:] [Line 84]
Presenting with error, but let’s do better guys: Error Domain=GHGitControllerErrorDomain Code=556 UserInfo=0x117f63fa0 “A git error occurred.”

For the record, there was nothing wrong, and no errors – all other clients worked fine. So it’s probably an internal problem with GitHub’s code. They know it’s a problem (they wrote an error for it) but they won’t tell you what that problem is. Classy :)

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Yeah I get this also. Github for Mac version 1.2.6. This is on a very fresh repo, just doing some very basic testing like adding a “hello.txt” file and doing some basic edits as a test. Not ideal. Would love to know how to fix, I guess we’ll need to completely drop Git as a version control system and move to Subversion to get around? Keen to stay on Git tho…

Same here. A lot of problems, giving errors and showing commits I already commited, files that I didn’t modify.

Don’t use Github for mac. Even if it looks simple, it’s full of errors

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