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3 Internet has the worst broadband I’ve used in 12 years

Just Sayin’.

(for past 20 hours, 3 has had no connectivity to 95% of all internet sites, including – intermittently – Google.co.uk. (*). Impossible to get anything done. And for the past 4 months, the service has been running at 1/50th of the normal speed. They don’t care – multiple calls to customer support result in being told “if the modem switches on, it is working. My script doesn’t allow any other possibility.”)

(*) – At times like these, I seethe that Google et al decide “What’s good for us” and actively prevent anyone from using e.g. Google.com, even if they want to. No, you MUST use your local country’s version of Google. I remember the good old days of the Internet, back when you were allowed to visit any site you wanted, just by typing it into your web browser. I never thought those days would end :(.

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