7dfps games design

Useful Links for the 2013 7dfps

Just gathering links here as I find them or remember them … useful things on FPS design, FPS coding, FPS art, etc.

(I’ve never written an FPS before, so … everything/anything in the way of research is useful!)



Level design

Assets / Art

  • – Free, high-quality fonts that (unlike most free fonts sites) aren’t “mostly stolen from somewhere else”, nor “not free, but advertised as free, so they can charge you later”
  • – Marcel’s excellent resource site for textures so you can DIY your models and texturing…

FPS Controller design

Specific to my game:

Assets for city-building in Unity

Unity bugfixes

Things I had to do to fix Unity long-standing bugs (that Unity has declared they’ll never fix). Most of these copy/pasted from my “Fix Unity Bugs” folders in other Unity projects ;)…

  • Customize GameObject to add: Find a specific Component on “the nearest ancestor that has one”
  • Customize GameObject to add: When creating a game object, always place it at 0,0,0, instead of “in the middle of nowhere, randomly”
  • Fix fonts so that they DO NOT render through walls (Unity makes everything in your scene transparent-to-text)
  • Auto-rescale all textures on scaled objects (Unity’s editor won’t allow you to scale a single object without scaling its fixed-size, tiling texture (and without breaking all your other objects) – but Unity source code strangely does allow it)