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I love researching and writing about Entity Systems, but it takes me days or weeks to make a single article. I’ve written almost nothing for the past 18 months because on my current salary I can’t afford the time off work.

So … now I’m crowdfunding the long, detailed, in-depth ES articles. This gives me a way to spend the time I need to write each one while still paying rent, food, etc.

You don’t have to sign-up – I know there’s lots of people like myself who are in bad financial situations, and I hope all the articles will be made free eventually. But if you’ve found my ES articles useful, and you want more of them, and you can spare $5 once every couple of months, please do.

You can sign up here:

One reply on “Support me on Patreon for early access to new Entity Systems articles”

Hello, Adam!

Thanks for your great articles. ES looks solid, but I had troubles finding success stories.

Could you share some info, if you have one, what games (not experiments and frameworks) were implemented, using ES (exactly ES, not other component-based designs)? Does Dungeon Siege use ES in the way you describe it?

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